Lighted LED Wall Sculptures

So this blogpost is almost entirely for the people who have bought or want to buy one of my lighted wall sculptures. So unless you’re really interested in knowing how to change out a battery and/or where I hid the on/off button on a particular piece… well, do what you will.


And congratulations on your purchase of one of Thunder Jay Studio’s LED-lighted wall sculptures! I’m so happy that you decided to purchase my work to decorate your home! I put a lot of hard work into every unique piece, and so does my very devoted boyfriend as he does the bulk of the electronic soldering and rigging for the guts that make these fantastical figures sparkle. This post is a short tutorial on how to maintain the batteries, find the on/off button (if I did a particularly good job of hiding it on your piece), and how to hang your new acquisition properly to make sure it doesn’t come crashing down!


So far all of my sculptures use CR2032 sized lithium cell batteries. The housing for these batteries can be found under the foam padding on the backside of each piece. See that tab there? Gently lift it and take a peek. You should instantly see the battery housing and if not, here’s a few photos:

The removal and replacement of these batteries is super simple. Just push gently on the place where I’ve marked the casing with a black dot. The battery should pop right up for removal. When you put the new battery in, slide it under the holders, and then push it gently into place. Hooray fresh power!


Here’s a set of photos of me pointing to the switches on each of the sculptures I have finished thus far. I fully intend to update this post with any other subsequent pieces I make, simply find your piece, and tada! I have shown you where the magic happens! Press the button once to turn on your piece and once more to turn it off.

Just behind that stick there, be gentle! I think he’d get mad if you broke his twig…

Hidden beneath the waxed leaf, just behind and under his left ear.

By her knee, it's exposed, so it shouldn’t be to difficult to see.

Under the leaf near his right ear.

Right above his right ear, under the leaf.


This is the tricky part… but it’s not even really all that tricky. Just find yourself a single 3/8” head sized screw that is appropriate to the type of wall you have chosen to hang your piece on. Then screw that screw into your wall until it’s head is out about 1/4” from the wall. Find the bottom of the keyhole shaft I’ve made in the back of the piece, and press it over where that screw is, slide it down just a tad so that the keyhole mount can grab it, and Tada! You have finished! As a side note: be sure to avoid any places where electrical wiring may be running through your wall, NO ZAPPING YOURSELF, I command it.

Here’s a handy dandy doodle of what the keyhole mount looks like under the black foam on the back of your piece:

Screw head goes in where it’s big and slides up to where it’s smaller to provide a good solid hold.

I hope all this helps you enjoy my LED sculptures to the fullest, and I really hope they add that perfect element of magic to your home!

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